How to make beautiful tabs for your bible

How to make beautiful tabs for your bible using washi tape
(This post may contains affiliate links) Post Updated June 2020

When I got my new devotional bible one of the first things I wanted to do was to put some tabs on. I wanted to do a little DIY project with it. So, I decided make my own beautiful bible tabs, super easy and affordable using washi tape. Yes! Washi tape!

Here is a simple step by step post of about how to use your favorite washi tape to create your tabs.

1. First, choose your washi tape. If you don’t have washi tape you can buy some online at Etsy, EBay, Amazon or at any hobby or craft retailer near you. You can find affordable prices on washi tape, depending on the size and how many rolls contains the package. Prices vary from $19.99 to $1.00. Yes! Let me give you a tip on this. On my last trip to Florida I got plenty of washi tape for only $1 at Dollar Tree stores. Cheap and beautiful! 😀 I’m sharing below a list of my recommended washi tape, take a look!

2. We want to put a tab on the first page of each book of the bible. That means, there is work to do, since we have 66 books. But I promise this will only take you one to two hours of your time. You can use some sticky notes to mark your pages prior the tabs for easy finding.

3. Now let’s start! Cut a little piece of washi tape with your hand or use scissors; since washi tape it’s so easy to manage. Then start putting the washi tape on the first page of the book of Genesis. (See the photo for reference).

My recommended Washi Tape list:


Then, you will continue do the same step on every first page of every book. You can try different positions for the washi tape (See photo).

And that’s It! It’s easy!


1. Use different colors and patterns if you like. Or use one color as I did. I loved so much the gold washi tape that decided to use it on all the pages.

2. Take your time to make a good search for the perfect washi tape for you. There is plenty of options on Etsy. Or visit the Dollar Tree Stores 😉😉😉.

3. Want more ideas of using washi tape in your bible? Check out this other post.

Have fun and enjoy the moment.

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